Quality over quantity

Man, forcing myself to vomit out posts as often as possible isn’t really gonna help.
I have drafts of uncontinued crappy blog posts that I probably won’t publish anyway.

I shall stick to the ‘quality over quantity’ quote.

In other words, I’ll post when I have something nice to post about.



Basement people getting some sunlight.

As I have not been updating at all,
mostly due to laziness and a lack of time due to FYP,
I decided to return and talk to a blank wall.

Life has been amazing and I could not have asked for better people around me.
Both those in school and those I’m friends with since secondary school or earlier.

Even the ones I have not been able to meet with in quite some time. :)

This sounds so melancholy!

(I always forget to take more pictures on a daily basis.
But then again, my life is extremely mundane as a typical animation student.
Pictures of food do not count, obviously.)

2013 and I’ve been to like, 2 ‘concerts’ so far? TDCC & Laneway!
I thought I went to plenty last year, but turns out I’m set to go more this year. (And it’s barely the first quarter of 2013!)


Photo 26-1-13 5 54 58 PM11


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Changes, Snow Patrol and Passion Pit

Look at the time difference between the last post and this post.
I barely had time to even write a post during the weeks of school.

However I did play Guild Wars 2 a lot.. so um, I guess I was just lazy to write.

So much things has happened and it’s safe to say that things have changed recently so it’s really different.
But I guess it’s a good kind of change. :)

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Quick summary of what happened till now

In random order because I am horrid at remembering event when’s and what’s.

  1.  Internship for about 9 weeks. :)
    Awesome environment, friendly people and since I was the web designer, I now view websites and fonts in a very harsh way. (Sometimes not a good thing.)
    Worked with my faaaabulous buddy from class, hence laughter everyday at work.
    Look at how genius we are. Using drink plastics to increase water capacity!
    Who ACTUALLY still play Sims Social? Josep.

    Boss #2 Daryl’s treat for our last day of work! At Choupinette. A really really nice place at Bukit Timah.
    This was my Beef Lasagne! It’s really delicious and all sorts of wonderful. LOTS OF CHEESE SAUCE IS ALWAYS GOOD.
    I just had to caps.
    Crème brûlée ! (Yes I had to copy paste the name from google because I felt it’s deserving.)

    It’s really, really, really good. The crisp sugar layer on top was quite heavy-feeling (or maybe I just got full from the lasagne),
    but the crème brûlée itself underneath… MMMMHHHRRMMGGGHHHH.
    So awesome.

  2. NEW DESKTOP + Room tidying up
    Ah, my favorite part of the holidays. As a lovely gift from my mom for having good grades for the recent semester,
    my mom agreed to fully sponsor the payment of my new desktop.
    I was always keen on getting a custom desktop cause I felt it’s an obvious choice for performance+worth for price, no?
    I also had to the chance to tidy up the my desk + room itself not too long ago.
    I really like this art print I bought in STGCC 2010. (If I remember correctly!)
    It’s by a local artist/animator Eldred Tjie (local talents ftw), who isn’t residing in Singapore anymore I guess.
    He doesn’t have a site with all his works. I could only find his Facebook. :/
    Nevertheless, I really, really liked this particular work of this, and I remember he used a red ribbon to hold together the print roll. :)
    Quite bitter about the mouse. I can’t use my Molten for now because I haven’t bought a new keyboard.
    So I’ll use the temporary 2in1 keyboard+mouse set. (Both connected with same usb, can’t separate -_-)
    The icky wifi box at the right. Along with the display cabinet at the left.

    Just because I needed to place these somewhere and they fitted nicely in between.

    Casing + old buddy Lightbox that I had to use for Principles of Animation in Year 2 Sem 1. Memories.

  3. Jon’s sister’s wedding
    First time actually being properly invited to a chinese wedding. (previously just accompanied my mom, etc)
    Kinda already feels like a sister-in-law getting married. :3 They looked so happy! I didn’t take pictures at all cause I felt rather awkward. Hahahahaha.
    Yes, I know. I suck at dressing up. I just wore what I wear to school normally. (hey, atleast it’s a dress!)
    But look at my hair! :D If there’s anything I actually like about my hair, it’s the fact it’s never been colored but is obviously not black at all. *beams*
    Jon took this photo of Jason & Junle. Why? I don’t know.
  4. Met up with secondary school girl-friends!
    During the holidays, I went out with Xinfang and Chiafeng on 2 occasions, I think?
    I pretty much posted most of the food+Harry Potter exhibit photos on Instagram sooo I don’t think I need to repost.

    Thank youuuu Xinfang! Love you! :3
    This lovely girl bought me a mini Voldemort wand! Because we didn’t purchase wands when we went to the HP exhibit together, and she knows I like Voldy’s wand. Heheh.

– Not mentioned but coming in next posts because of image intensive-ness: Class Chalet & Concerts so far (The Kooks & Snow Patrol).

I thoroughly enjoyed my holidays, despite working my brains out during internship. (I guess it makes me appreciate study life more too)
Year 3 started and the water is already boiling.
But I do have great groups and I hope to get better results this semester!
All the efforts and mindset I had last semester showed big improvements, hence I will do my best.

And yes, I will still find time to play my games. ..Somehow.

Trip to Genting and Hatyai! Part 2

For the long-delayed Part 2! Now it’s just Thailand (Hatyai) left.
After a rather length bus-ride from KL, we reached Hatyai. And it’s actually not much difference from Philippines appearance-wise.

We actually really didn’t do much here. o_o Just strolling and buying stuff.
But still, I like new and quirky sights rather than the usual Singapore.

Thailand’s alternative to Red Bull?

Greeted by these ladies, hurhur.

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Poor blog

I always abuse blogs badly nowadays by not writing at all for a long time.
I blame lengthy bus rides from home to work, work to home and just being braindead infront of the computer playing Diablo 3.

But since work is over and I have a week left being a free bird before school starts,
I have time to -finally- finish that lame Part 2 post. I think. 

Perhaps it’s knowing that I’m nearing 20 soon, but I feel like I’m old now.
But isn’t 20 like the infancy of adulthood? Hmmmmm. 

Trip to Genting and Hatyai! Part 1

(a rather image-intensive post!)

So this post is delayed due to my being extremely lazy.
I shall take this time to finally post and get it over with!

For around 6 days, I was out of Singapore and went to both Genting (Malaysia) and Hatyai (Thailand) from Kuala Lumpur.
The reason for the sudden trip was to just let my relatives from the Philippines (who has never stepped foot into other countries, except this time Singapore) see more of other countries.
And due to time constraint and ofcourse monetary issues, my mom was only able to bring them to these places in a short period of time.
Nonetheless, they were excited since they’ve never been to other places.

I’ve already been to Genting several times when younger, so I was eager to see how much it changed since I was 14.
And I’ve been to several different places in Thailand before, but not Hatyai, so yeah I guess it’s a new place?

Click for the start of the image spam :D
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