Tomb Raider 2013, first impressions and such

After my school’s Stage 2 assessment, I felt like I deserved to enjoy myself after some grueling  weeks.
Just for a little while.

So I got my hands on Tomb Raider 2013.
I’m playing Sims 3 University too, so I haven’t gone far in TR yet.

To be honest, I was not expecting much from Tomb Raider 2013.
The last time I played Tomb Raider games was when I was a kid and had a PS1 that came with a bunch of Tomb Raider games.

tombcapaTomb Raider II [U] [SLUS-00437]

I barely played through it because I remember being quite bored with the game play, and sometimes a little scared.
But hey, I was like 7~9 years old, so I was a horrid judge in game quality.
I do know it’s a great series, but I just wasn’t into it back then.

But seeing that the whole look was revamped and looked stunning from the trailers, I gave TR2013 a chance.

TombRaider 2013-03-07 01-26-57-01

And I do not regret it. I was definitely not let down.
The game is just really visually beautiful.
(I’m playing on Ultimate graphics setting, so I’m probably seeing the best the game has to offer.)

TombRaider 2013-03-07 01-27-24-64

From the gorgeous makeover of Lara Croft herself, to the details and clarity of her clothes and blood textures.
The hair was rendered really well onto Lara. Though the hair has it’s silly moments (I’ll get to it later),
it still looked great on her and really helped make the character feel more alive.
However, I’m sure you’ll notice how the hair is kind of ‘repelling’ away from the body in the above screenshot.

TombRaider 2013-03-07 01-39-12-18

I won’t start spoiling the story, but there will be some scenes of video footage from the video camera that show some insight into the relationships of the characters.
I think it’s a nice touch, but it’s amusing when you remember the video camera survived Lara’s adventures like swimming in the water or falling down from great heights,
yet it still plays fine.

TombRaider 2013-03-07 01-45-46-47
TombRaider 2013-03-07 01-51-47-19

As Lara learns to adapt to the harsh conditions of the island, it acts as a tutorial to understand the basic controls too.
You’ll be introduced to a bow and arrow when you have to find food. This will be your first weapon! And it still remains my favorite even later in the game.

TombRaider 2013-03-09 18-00-20-92
TombRaider 2013-03-09 18-00-34-95
TombRaider 2013-03-09 18-28-31-81

Though the game auto-saves frequently, meaning you have infinite lives, you can auto save at a Base Camp too.
In the base camp, you can add skill points into different categories of skills in Survivor(salvaging/climbing etc)/Hunter(bows & guns)/Brawler(melee).
You can also upgrade your weapons by using your Salvage parts to add modifications. You are able to upgrade your weapon model too, by finding more weapon parts.
For example, from finding more rifle parts in the game, you can automatically upgrade the WW2 rifle you found into an assault rifle.
Sometimes Lara will voice her journal entry as well, making you understand how she feels about the situation.

TombRaider 2013-03-07 01-53-24-09

You’ll also come across relics that you get to look closely at and find any sort of clues on it.
I like this feature because I get to REALLY look at the relic I just found. Rather than a ‘Hey! You just got this! -puts in inventory and it shows a still image-‘

TombRaider 2013-03-07 02-10-17-47

You can choose from a small set of outfits for Lara to wear! (I have the DLC so I had the Aviatrix skin on Lara in the screenshot)
There’s the Aviatrix, Guerilla and Hunter skin. You can watch a video with the outfits here.
I still preferred the original skin so I stuck to that.

TombRaider 2013-03-07 03-10-06-23

Tomb Raider wouldn’t be called Tomb Raider without being able to raiding tombs!
You’ll encounter ‘optional tombs’ along your journey that you can complete to get a nice amount of EXP and some items.
They’re much smaller than the older games and you actually have to find them. The main story won’t bring you into all of them.

TombRaider 2013-03-09 00-53-48-79
TombRaider 2013-03-09 00-54-20-15

There are many moments in the game that will make you feel like stopping to enjoy the view.
(Despite Lara’s difficult position. Imagine her waiting for you to make her move, at such high heights.)

TombRaider 2013-03-09 02-02-12-96
Ah, the hair issue. There are some times when Lara’s hair just go really wonky, and she ends up bald/has a really tight hair-bun for awhile.
I understand that technology isn’t so perfect yet, but it provides some laughs during the course of game play.
Other than the bald moments, Lara’s hair seems to be always ‘slippery’ from her body. The hair dynamics are really amusing, but still really good considering it’s played on current gen consoles.

TombRaider 2013-03-09 02-06-18-62
TombRaider 2013-03-09 02-07-16-09
TombRaider 2013-03-09 02-10-24-33

Overall, it’s a great game. To me, it has the right amount of exploring and combat. Very fun.
To have the tombs optional and rather small though, may not please some older fans I think. But this makes the game more ‘open’ to new fans.
There are some disturbing/violent death scenes, but being a gore lover, I do admit to intentionally dying again to re-watch the death. :D
The pacing is really good as well, and many times you’ll feel just like Lara; excited, scared, relieved, and various other emotions she’ll go through in the journey.
I think this is helped by the great voice acting for every character too.
I loved the thrill of running out of a falling village! However, there are some times when QTE moments kind of annoy me. Perhaps it’s just because I have slow reactions.
There is great character development for Lara, who learns to fend for herself and survive in such a dangerous environment. You can see and feel what she felt, when she had no choice but to kill for the first time.
The game did justice for the series and Lara Croft herself and I have greatly enjoyed myself so far.


On how I had no life for a few weeks – Diablo 3

So I pre-ordered Diablo 3 quite some time ago before the launch, and by the time it was launched,
I already started working for my internship.

But my lovely boyfriend, despite being not interested in the game, was willing to help me collect my copy on the launch date! :)
He braved through swarms of ‘annoying nerds’ (as quoted, LOL) and got my copy during the evening.
Thank you again, hehe.

From then on, I spent all my nights (and weekends) in front of my laptop. But I’d say it was money well-spent.

So which class did I play? I think people who knows me well understand my love for ranged classes. But at the same time I liked dark stuff, so choosing between Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor was rather tough.

Then I realized I love to make my character pretty and fierce looking; so I went with Demon Hunter.
Sorry but female Witch Doctors can’t really be very awesome looking with such armor :|
(but I do have a side character WD named Sharkbait!)

Now Gilang, playing as Barbarian,  is in my party!

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‘Only time I ever agree to be blindfolded is when I’m with a naked sorceress.’

I think this post is really long-due already since monthsss ago (after my Skyrim post in the old blog),
but here it is;


It is by far one of the most well-made game I’ve played, graphics & story-wise.
Especially the story. I’m a sucker for good storylines.
The only flaw I could take out of it was it’s battle difficulty and weird inventory system.

I’d say the battle gameplay is rather hard (at first atleast).
Although it looks rather straight-forward and hack&slash-y, the first few battles are already quite tough (if you’re the kind who just runs around and hits everything).
Maybe I took the battle system too lightly but I died quite quickly during some first battles with numerous mobs. *noob*
But I was not alone on this as I’ve read other reviews and a classmate played the game as well.

Anyway, this game requires much thinking before a big battle, such as what buffs/potions you would use before you rush in.
You CAN’T heal yourself with potions during a battle(only before or after). Rather annoying but unique feature.
Hence you can see why it requires much thought.

Inventory system, well, it’s quite messy and annoying. That’s it.

Did I mention it contains violencenudity+sex scenesbloodvulgarities and hilarious dialogues?

In summary: a very, very good game for any RPG fan that doesn’t mind a slightly tougher battle system and loves the fact that your choices in dialogues affect your game tremendously. 

Here comes the pretty screenshot spam from early in the game (hence in no order+not much spoilers):

Don’t you just love a Dwarf’s sense of humor?
Is it just me or is Sile’s right boob-nip slightly showing? (see next pic too)
I thought it was perhaps a shadow or something but well.. Hmm.. It’s just a very slight show but it’s still noticeable (I’m not a perv!!!)
Geralt’s sexy eyes and manly features. :D
Appreciation of the environment’s design, especially for this Elven area.
What an obvious question, Miss Triss Merigold.
And what a cheeky reply from Geralt.
The I’m-gonna-show-how-sexy-I-am-as-I-use-my-magic-to-remove-clothes part.
Triss obviously wanting Geralt, and them about to have le sexytime.
(Yes they really showed it, but ofcourse I’m not posting them here -_-)
The scene was shot really artistically anyway so it’s not as perverse :|
I really like the zoomed out shot of that picture actually.
Such a pretty shot. But this scene was amusing because the line was related to the fact that Geralt & Triss’s sexytime voices could be heard by a dude who was standing nearby.
That’s rather creepy, RoachRoche.
And this is Iorveth. I obviously sided with Iorveth. Helping non-humans always.
Prince Stennis!
Saskia. One of my fav characters.
Some blood is always good.
Douchebag King Henselt.
The pretty and bad-ass Saskia the Dragonslayer.
Wraiths soldiers born by a cursed mist.
And I guess that’s all!