Bloc Party 2013

Last Monday on 18th March,
I had the awesome chance of  attending their first concert ever in Singapore.

Photo 18-3-13 9 07 05 PM

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Basement people getting some sunlight.

As I have not been updating at all,
mostly due to laziness and a lack of time due to FYP,
I decided to return and talk to a blank wall.

Life has been amazing and I could not have asked for better people around me.
Both those in school and those I’m friends with since secondary school or earlier.

Even the ones I have not been able to meet with in quite some time. :)

This sounds so melancholy!

(I always forget to take more pictures on a daily basis.
But then again, my life is extremely mundane as a typical animation student.
Pictures of food do not count, obviously.)

2013 and I’ve been to like, 2 ‘concerts’ so far? TDCC & Laneway!
I thought I went to plenty last year, but turns out I’m set to go more this year. (And it’s barely the first quarter of 2013!)


Photo 26-1-13 5 54 58 PM11


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Changes, Snow Patrol and Passion Pit

Look at the time difference between the last post and this post.
I barely had time to even write a post during the weeks of school.

However I did play Guild Wars 2 a lot.. so um, I guess I was just lazy to write.

So much things has happened and it’s safe to say that things have changed recently so it’s really different.
But I guess it’s a good kind of change. :)

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