How long have I been gone?

A really long time.

It’s almost 1AM. ‘To Build a Home’ by The Cinematic Orchestra is playing in the background, and I really felt like writing here again.
I should really make this blog a habit or something,
because I think this is the only way to tell my friends back home how life here in London is.
(instead of you guys thinking I’ve forgotten you/thinking that I turned into an angmoh now)

I think it’s also largely because I’m growing more homesick as the days pass, and it kinda ..really sucks.

First of all, after checking the calendar, I realised I’ve been here for almost 4 months.
It certainly felt like less. It feels like only yesterday I bid a few of my friends and family farewell in the airport, as I cried my way into the departure gates.


If you ask me what I miss the most about Singapore, it’s probably the people I left behind. (A close contender is the food and my cat, lol.)


In general, I really just love the UK. (Or atleast the places I’ve been to so far.)
Very different from the concrete jungle that is Singapore.

I first saw the suburb-y area of Farnborough, Hampshire.
My family friends stay here.

IMG_7157 IMG_7160

I always get reminded of music videos where people drive down the suburb roads.
Probably sounds odd to non-Singaporeans, because we don’t really have areas like these at all. Lol.

20130910_15150120130911_114217 20130910_153208
Hey guys, get pounded for a pound here. *wink*
This is just like Daiso back home!
20130910_162623_3 20130910_164024 20130910_164032 20130910_170247_1
British fish and chips own any one that’s made in other countries, sorry.
20130910_180555 20130911_114840 20130911_141226
Would like to mention that the burgers here are significantly bigger than Singapore’s.

Then went to university, which is in Uxbridge (in the outermost part of London, but still ‘London’).
Which became my happy home-away-from-home. :)
But I’ll get to that on another post.

Visited Brighton as part of an International Student thing, for free.
It’s at the south coast of the UK, and it’s simply really pretty.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
20130914_112336_4 20130914_112342 20130914_131318 20130914_111619_4 20130914_111628 20130914_111824_3 20130914_112036

So that’s basically it, in general.

And I do love my course, and my course mates. I have the most awesome lecturers.
Other than that..
I had lots of new experiences (obviously).
I grew up, having to do almost everything myself here.
I learnt lessons the hard way.
I made great friends that I’m very glad to have.
I’ve gone through many rough times but I became stronger afterwards.

Being here also makes me grateful for the people I love back home, and realise how much they mean to me or how much I mean to them.

So thank you to the Singapore friends that still make time for me even when I’m all the way here,
even the simplest short-lived messages to the long winding WhatsApp conversations, or even a random SnapChat; they mean a lot. :D



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