Bloc Party 2013

Last Monday on 18th March,
I had the awesome chance of  attending their first concert ever in Singapore.

Photo 18-3-13 9 07 05 PM

Me and Shahren bought the tickets a few months back, even earlier than Laneway,
so you can guess how the excitement built up till that day itself!

I hurried over to Fort Canning right after school, dealing with the intense heat.
Luckily the concert starts in the evening, so we didn’t have to deal with the weather for too long.

And for the first time ever, out of all Fort Canning concerts I’ve been to,
the concert was held at the smaller part of Fort Canning (I didn’t know there was another place to hold concerts at Fort Canning).
So we had to queue up at a totally different spot that I’ve never been to before. I actually had to follow random strangers to find my way. :|

Photo 18-3-13 5 30 38 PM
Photo 18-3-13 5 30 45 PM
Photo 18-3-13 5 30 01 PM

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Fort Canning has so much cultural history in Singapore, when it’s a popular (and my favorite) venue for music acts.
I bought a shirt and even made a new friend while waiting for the gates to open.

Oh, we were also given arm bands that came in 2 colors. Orange and yellow.
Oranges were for those who were underage, and yellow for ‘I’m legal, bitches’.
This is because there were alcohol sales inside the venue!

Though quite a good measure, though the underage ‘kids’ were already smoking and drinking while queuing in front of us. ._.

Photo 18-3-13 6 37 25 PM

The empty stage!
I didn’t remember to take a picture of the non-existent crowd behind me, but it was really really empty.
I expected like 5 rows filled with people upon entry, but no, when we got in, we were as good as being in the first row.
We were second row, right in the center! Looking behind us, even after an hour passed, not even quarter of the already small field area was occupied.

But then again majority of the true fans of Bloc Party are working adults now.
And it was proven because only much later on, minutes before the band started, crowds of adults (by this I mean obviously older than us) swarmed in.


The pretty DJ to entertain us and liven the atmosphere while the crowd slowly came in.
It’s still the smallest outdoor venue crowd I’ve ever been a part of, which still surprises me till now. I honestly expected a huge crowd.


Aaaaaaaaand it starts! :D The crowd went wild!
And our ADORKABLE Matt Tong was actually topless.
I probably screamed more than I should upon seeing him in just short shorts. :B (Pictures later on!)


Kele Okerekeeeeeeee!


(insert me & Shahren’s MattTong-fangirl squeals/screams)


Kele often smiled at us as they performed. So nice to see him enjoying the crowd!


Shah’s favorite picture. ;)


Russell being all cute and awesome at the same time.


And saving the best for last..


Matt Tong’s sexy butt and back.

Besides oogling at Matt Tong, I really enjoyed myself.
We all jumped around and sang our hearts out!
They sang all my old favorites (except ‘Blue Light’ :c ) and tracks from their latest album ‘Four’.
(Four is an amazing album btw, and I highly recommend people who like rock/indie/alt/ireallyhatecategorizingmusic to listen to it. I think it’s probably my favorite album after Silent Alarms now.)
I also realized I didn’t take much photos of Gordon! :c
The crowd was small, but extremely energetic. And yes there was a moshpit.
The moshpit was rather annoying at first, as they kept dragging people who obviously weren’t moshers + didn’t control the ‘circle’.
But I always had a love-hate relationship with them, because they still add to the overall pumped up mood. :/ So, meh.

Photo 24-3-13 12 27 21 AM

Naomi being my cute background + the Four album shirt! Happy!

Photo 24-3-13 12 28 01 AM

Nothing compares to jumping around and singing/shouting the lyrics to songs you love, together with everyone else.
And that concludes this post!


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